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Salinas, Ecuador

Salinas, Ecuador


Activities, Excursions and Tours


Whale-watch: Daily trips from the hotel to the Humpback whale-watching, to presence the magic of their spectacular courtship jumps and mating, from June to October.


Seals observation: Visit to the seal colony in Punta Brava, where the main attraction relies on the fact that they are male adults.


Birdwatch: Visit the saline springs (pool for salt production) in the Punta Carnero’s way, where 109 marine species and coast birds found the appropiate ecosystem for its permanent or migratory residency.


City tour: Walk through the touristic area of the city and suburbs, XXI century’s museum, handicrafts, churches, military bases, beginning of the century architecture, saline springs (salt well), shopping centre.


Aquatic excursion: Motorboat excursion through the bay, route to Santa Rosa and La Chocolatera.


Visits to La Chocolatera: Trip to the most occidental spot of the Ecuador and second in Latinamerica. Intersection point of two flows that have mined the rock into a permanent whirlpool. Spectacular presence of the sea’s fury.


Cultural tour: Visit to the Marine and Naval museum, to the Amantes de Sumpa Museum, the Headland galery, and the Real Alto museum.


Religious tour: Tour through the different temples and sanctuaries of Salinas, La Libertad, Santa Elena, and Ballenita.


Anti-stres tour: Visit to the thermal baths of San Vicente, pool immersion, mud well, sauna baths session and massages with mud or aloe vera.


Tour to the humid forests: Excursion to Dos Mangas, site with tropical exuberant vegetation with waterfalls, brook, wells and a variety of animal life.


Tour to Santa Rosa’s port: Visit to the traditional fishing port, way out of countless fisher boats and unload of rare ichthyofauna richness captured in each way out, commercialization and visit to the receptive destinies.


Sport fishing tour: Yacht trip to the sites previously established.


Diving tour: With snorkel or tanks, equipment and tools rental.


Visit to the refinery: Tour through the petrol refinery installations in La Libertad and through the well production in the area.


Young goat ride: Tour through the city in a 50’s transport, with the town band and stops in the partie bars and sites.

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Malecón de Salinas (promenade) and Fidón Tomalá Street
Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador
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