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COCOS-HOSTAL represents in hostelry a new concept by its modern conception that their services include. A comfortable and magnificent accomodation; warm, natural and a familiar environment, all of it united by a functional design accompanied by a good taste in decoration. Competitive advantages will make your stay with us a pleasant memory and you will be interested in repeating this unforgettable experience.
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Comfortable rooms. Hot water. Air conditioning. TV cable. Parking at the door. Watchman service 24 hours. Laundry service. Tourist Advice. Package tour at your disposal.
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We are situated in the best place of Salinas: right in front of the sea, on the pier section, on the San Lorenzo beach. Salinas is the principal beach resort in the ecuadorian coast. COCOS HOSTAL by its strategic location, allows you an access to all logistic infrastructure that offer this beautiful city due to its proximity to all necessary services (supermarkets, clinics, movie theater, airports, etc.). Salinas is located in the Santa Elena Peninsula, one of the most occidental spots in the Pacific coast. Every y..
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The hostel is located in the Malecón Avenue and Fidón Tomalá street, on the San Lorenzo beach, Salinas. Salinas place is 2 hours away from Guayaquil via road, and only 13 km away from La Libertad. See more details on the following maps: * Note: You can zoom in or zoom out by clicking on the + and - buttons, or move if you keep pressing the left button of the mouse over each map. Salinas Close-Up: View Larger Map Salinas in Ecuador: View Larger Map Ecuador: View Larger Map
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Malecón de Salinas (promenade) and Fidón Tomalá Street
Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador
Calls from outside Ecuador: +593 4 277 0361
Calls within Ecuador: 04 277 0361
Calls within the Province: 277 0361